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From the President

By Joe Sibley

As I sit down to write my second to last president’s message I hope you are enjoying the long awaited Michigan summer. I have about 3 more months to serve in this office, and then at our convention in September you will elect a new president. Since 2008 when you elected me to my first term a lot of water has flown under the bridge. When I was elected I was just getting to know Mary, then we started dating; now we have been married almost five years. I have moved twice. Of course many things have happened in MCBVI that I have been involved in. Some of my goals we have achieved, some not. I do know that it has been a pleasure and an honor to serve as your president. I know it has helped me grow personally and I have had many amazing experiences, most good, some challenging that I will always treasure. Most of all, I love the people in this organization. I enjoy working alongside so many great people who work hard to benefit the lives of all citizens of Michigan who are blind or visually impaired.

Granted it does get frustrating some times, knowing what MCBVI could accomplish with a better fund raising picture, and a little more involvement using the many untapped talents in our membership, but I am very very proud to be a member of MCBVI the positive voice of the blind community.

I really hope to see you in Kalamazoo September 25 – 28 for our annual convention. If you have never been to a state convention or haven’t for a long time, this is the year to give it a try. We work very hard to keep the expenses as low as possible while offering you a great weekend. You will read more later in this issue, but I again want to bring up that Kim Charlson; president of the American Council of the Blind will be joining us. I also want to remind you that Thursday September 25 will be Out of Sight Night, a fund raiser and friend raiser featuring the band Beyond Sight. I am hoping for a great crowd for a fun evening to kick off our convention. Let’s be blunt, if there is a reason you might choose not to attend our convention, I would like to know it, or if there is more we could offer that would encourage you to join us I would like to know that too. Our annual convention is one of my favorite events of the year. The fun, the education, and the fellowship we enjoy are truly exceptional. Please consider joining us in September.

We are updating many of our outreach materials right now. We have revised our mission statement which you will see in this issue. We have a new logo almost completed for our brochure, website, Facebook page, and other printed materials. We should have our new updated brochure complete before the convention. This is all to share the message of MCBVI as the state’s positive, productive leader in the blindness community.

As we countdown my last days as president knowing that a new president will take this office on September 28 at the end of our business meeting, I think it is time to reflect and ponder. Where would you like to see MCBVI move forward from here? What would you like us to do as an organization that we are not doing? What are we doing wrong, what are we doing right? MCBVI is your organization and we need your input and participation! Consider joining us for our summer board meeting on July 26 starting at 10:00am. It is a phone conference so you can join us without leaving your home. Although only officers and chapter delegates can vote, everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and ideas. Please join us, see what is going on, and voice your opinions.

I am very sad to share that Casey and Sharon Dutmer are moving out of state shortly after our convention. Casey has been a leader in the blindness community for many years. He has served as MCBVI president, legislative chair, convention chair and many other tasks over the years. He has been an advocate for transit, accessible voting, and much more. When he married Sharon she jumped right in and has worked hard alongside Casey in everything he is involved with. Most of all Casey and Sharon are wonderful people who I am proud to call my friends. They are moving to Seattle where Sharon’s daughter and grandchildren are. Casey is already connecting with the Washington Council of the Blind and they will be blessed to have them. I’m sure we all send them on their way with our love and good wishes.

Finally before the convention I want to thank the members of the MCBVI board, all of the leaders, and you the members who have been outstanding to work with for the past 5.75 years. We have a great group of people who really care about this organization and the blind in Michigan. I will remain on the board as the immediate past president and I look forward to working with the new president as we push forward in our mission to change the lives of all in Michigan who are blind or visually impaired. Most of all I would like to thank my wife Mary who married me in 2009 and has supported me always and has made my life a joy every day.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and we'll see you in Kalamazoo in September! –Joe-

2014 MCBVI State Convention

Save the Dates: Sept. 25-28

By Casey Dutmer, MCBVI Convention Chair

We are in the month of July, which means convention time is only two months away. Dates of the convention are Thursday, September 25 through Sunday, September 28th. It is taking place at the Four Points by Sheraton in Kalamazoo. The room rate is $75a night plus tax.

We will have meal packages for Friday lunch, Saturday breakfast, Saturday Lunch, Sunday breakfast and of course, the banquet. I encourage convention attendees to use as many of these meal plans as possible because the more we spend on catered meals will reduce the cost of the meeting rooms.

The theme of this year's convention is “LIVING WITHOUT LIMITS.” Our featured guest speaker at the banquet and participant is Kim Charlson, President of ACB.

Thursday night’s entertainment features a band called BEYOND SIGHT. Two members of the band are blind and visually impaired. Tickets are $45 per person. This includes a meal which will be a Pizza Buffet. The price of this ticket also pays for the band, the cost of use of the room, and will help raise money to defray some of the costs of the convention. Please support this band and MCBVI.

On Friday morning there will be a tour of the Training Center and in the afternoon the exhibit area will be open. (Note that the exhibit area will only be open on Friday afternoon this year.) Exhibit space is limited this year so if you are interested in exhibiting, please contact Charis Austin to reserve your table. Her phone number is (616) 532-4737.

The Friday night auction has been popular. Remember to bring donations (new unused) for the auction and door prizes.

Saturday will feature a variety of presentations regarding the theme.

Registration materials will be out in early July. Register early so you can take advantage of early registration rates. Please contact me if you have questions 616-534-0581 or

Medications and You

By Kyle Austin

Do you know what medications you are taking, how many refills you have left, and do you always remember instructions for taking the medication?  Do you know the warnings for your medications? Are you tired of asking for help from people who are sighted? Well, that is where I was in December, 2013.  At that time I was not sure if I wanted to get my medicine by mail.

Now I can say I love it.  I have gone with and it is working out well for me.  I now feel more independent because I know what medications I have and the number of refills available to me.  It is great to know that when I call to do my refills if there are questions they will call me back.

MCBVI has passed resolutions regarding accessibility of prescription labels. I know that there are other places you can contact to do this.  You just need to do it now.  If you don’t then the ability of getting your medications in a format you can use could go away if you don’t use the service.  We all need to take advantage of services like this.  Otherwise, don’t complain later when it may not be available to you.

My Experience with Wal-Mart and Walgreen’s Accessible Prescriptions

By Donna Rose

If you are like me you probably are excited about having prescription drugs with the instructions and other information available to you. I began using Wal-Mart Pharmacy in January because my Medicare Part D plan gave me a better price there. About four months ago the Wal-Mart pharmacist ordered the ScripTalk reader for me. It arrived in the mail at no charge to me in a very short time. It works wonderfully! The pharmacists have had to put a special note in my file so they remember to put the scannable tag on the bottom of the bottle, but the process is getting smoother and smoother with each prescription I fill there.

Recently Walgreen’s announced that they were introducing a bottle that reads your prescription information out loud to you. It is different from the ScripTalk. I was excited about this because I often have access to transportation and they have a drive-through unlike my Wal-Mart.

I dropped off a prescription there to get an accessible bottle only to be told that they don’t have any of them in stock. The pharmacist called me later to let me know when I need a prescription to let her know so she can get the supplies which could take two days. But I needed my prescription that day. I am going to call her back and see if she would be willing to keep them in stock. Otherwise their program may not work for me.

My point here is to go to the pharmacies offering the accessible methods and work with your pharmacists to work out any kinks. Before long you will be able to expect such services everywhere as the industry adapts to the reality of this need.

Getting Organized to do Fundraising

By Charis Austin, Treasurer

NOTE: The information included in this multi-part article is taken from information received from one of our members, Dr. Ronald (Ron) Milliman, a retired Marketing Professor. It is hoped that this article will stimulate discussion and action to raising more funds for MCBVI and as a secondary goal ACB.

Fundraising: We talk about doing it but there always seems to be something that prevents it from happening: time, someone else will do it so I don’t have to, I don’t know how, or the best excuse of all I don’t like asking. Be assured that we are like all other non-profit organizations I am aware of; we all need money and each organization must work hard to get it. Money does not grow on trees.

We have established a committee to work on fundraising but it never got off the ground. This committee needs to start working. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact me.

The committee will need to assess the strengths and limitations of our organization when tackling a fundraising project. We must objectively consider and evaluate the following:

  1. Our organization’s mission statement (Does your fundraiser fit within the limitations of your organization’s mission statement?) At the last board meeting we authorized the Executive Committee to approve a new mission statement.

  2. The financial resources available to invest in a fundraising effort (Often it takes money to make money.). We need to work out a budget based on how much we want to raise and how much money it is going to take to do it.

  3. Human resources available to successfully execute a fundraiser (Do you have the ‘horses needed to pull the wagon?’?) We are spread out. What kind of fundraiser will work for us?

  4. Expertise and experience within our organization with various types of fundraisers (Do any of our members have any applicable experience with any fundraisers that could be used to our organization’s advantage?)

After assessing the strengths and limitations of our organization, we need to objectively consider and evaluate any factors external to our organization that could impact the success or failure of any fundraisers we might consider. Toward that objective, consider the following:

  1. The state of the economy, both currently and the likely future

  2. Any known projects conducted by any other organizations that might conflict or compete with ours

  3. Any laws or government regulations that effect any possible fundraisers (In most states, gaming laws and regulations effect some types of raffles or drawings, games like Texas Hold ‘em, bingo, etc.)

  4. Sources for recruiting any volunteers you might need

Weather considerations (Outdoor fundraisers like walk-a-thons, fishing tournaments, yard sales can be successes or failures depending on the weather.)

It is not unusual for the members of a non-profit organization to say something like: “We should have a fundraiser of some sorts so we have more money to work with.” This is really not the right approach. We first must determine, specifically, what our organization needs the money for; that is, does our organization need funds to reduce the deficit in our budget, rejuvenate our grant program or to be able to offer one or more student scholarships, to launch a public education program? Precisely why do we need money?

At this point I would like to hear from members. In my last article I detailed the 2014 budget and resulting deficit that was adopted during the January meeting. I only heard from a couple people. Why did you join MCBVI? Are you getting what you wanted out of the organization?

In the next article, there will be a discussion regarding forming a committee to plan the event to raise the funds. Please contact me with your ideas. I can be reached at (616) 532-4737 before 9:00 pm or by email at

Let’s get thinking about where we want the Michigan Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired to go.

Things You Might Not Know About SIRI for the iPhone or iPad

By Malaina VanderWal

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri is great for many tasks especially when you’re just getting used to the iPhone or iPad. However Siri and dictation are not always available or cooperative. Noisy situations make using Siri very difficult and most of the time difficult and frustrating. Siri is very helpful but it is not a substitution for learning how to type on the touch screen or if you have a Bluetooth keyboard that may be easier.

However, I think it’s safe to say people who use Siri on their iPhone use it for making phone calls, sending a text or scheduling reminders. But, Siri offers much more and I will share some of the funny and interesting things for which I use Apple’s virtual assistant and how it helps me in my life. Some of the things may or may not surprise you. Now let’s have fun with Siri!

Did you ever have a day when you did not want to get out of bed but needed to go to work or school or another activity and forgot to watch the weather report? If so not to worry you can ask your iPhone or iPad. Just hold down the home button located at the bottom of the device. Say something like (will it rain today?” Siri will reply with an answer. Earlier today I told Siri “it was cold outside.” She replied “hardly its 81 degrees.”

It is fun to ask Siri silly things such as “what does the fox say, or why do you work sometimes and not at other times.” Siri can be very helpful too with each update to apples IOS system Siri learns new skills.

There are moments when because of the number of apps on my phone I do not want to search for a particular app. I can just ask Siri to open it for me and it does usually without a problem. Siri can also look up information for you such as calorie information for a type of food. I like to ask Siri questions about fruits or vegetables and it will tell me all about that type of food. Ask Siri “how many calories are in one apple or how many calories are in a pint of raspberries.” Siri will give you all of the nutrition content available for that food item.

If your trying to look for directions to a location but do not know the address but, know the name of the location no problem Siri to the rescue! Tell Siri you need directions to a restaurant of your choice. The virtual assistant will then give you options to choose from and once you pick your preferred option, Siri will ask, “If you want to call or do you want directions.” If you ask for directions Siri will open the Maps app on your device and you can get turn by turn directions quickly.

There are so many interesting tasks Siri can help you learn about or help you do every day. Explore with Siri ask questions it may have limitations but Siri may also surprise you with its usefulness! All you need to do is ask to unlock the power of Siri!

Door to Door Organics Delivers All Over Michigan

By Donna Rose

There is a new grocery delivery service which delivers fresh locally grown organic produce and lots of other groceries all over Michigan. It is called Door to Door Organics and is located in Livonia. I signed up with it today and will receive my first box on Monday July 7th. The box is $23 for the “Bitty” size I chose and will contain a variety of fruits and vegetables. There are four different size boxes you can order. I signed up for the bi-weekly plan, but you can have them hold an order if you decide you can’t use it. They deliver free to many places and only charge $1 per box to Grand Rapids. Check it out by calling (877)711-3636 or by visiting their web site:


Constitution & Bylaws

By Wayne Lepiors, chair

Included separately with this issue, you will find proposals for constitutional Amendment changes which will be voted upon during the state convention in September in Kalamazoo. Please save this information and, if you remember, bring it with you to convention. You will be helping us save paper and time.


By Karla Fields, chair

A reminder that we will have elections in September to vote on the following officers: President, secretary and assistant treasurer. The following people are running thus far: John Jarzyna for president, Debbie Robinson for Secretary, and Wayne Lepiors for assistant treasurer. We do not have any other nominees at this time. Contact me if you have a suggestion for a nominee. My number is 586-465-2338.

Publications & Public Relations

By Donna Rose, Chair

Joe just sent me drafts of the new logo so I can get them described to me and help make the decision on which one to use. We particularly need a logo so we can put together a nice brochure. I am hoping we can finish this project by the September convention.

We had good response to people getting their newsletter items in by the deadline this time. Thanks to all of you! Please include a contact number with your chapter update so interested members or non-members can contact you.

Soon I will be sending out info to the media regarding the convention in Kalamazoo. I am planning to attend with Ray. Until then I hope everyone has a happy, safe and relaxing summer.


By Malaina VanderWal, chair

Why does MCBVI need to write resolutions every year? Lately I have been asked this question and the quick answer is resolutions guide the Michigan Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired. As an organization we compose resolutions when we want to change policy or support a law. Often MCBVI will write a resolution in support of ACB’s resolutions showing our state’s support and approval. Whether a resolution is written for the state or national level once MCBVI adopts it we agree to take action. In the past we pass resolutions and then we do not have any follow through. I hope to see this change in the future! Some people may not want to be political but unfortunately politics is how as a society we affect change and we want MCBVI to be heard!

This year we have three returning committee members and one new member who agreed to join the committee. The returning members are Casey Dutmer, Neal freeling and Faith Meadows. I am excited to welcome our newest member of the resolutions team Becky Kooistra. She will make a great addition and she is one of our VIPP members. I am eager to work with each of them!

The resolutions committee met by conference call recently and we discussed some ideas for possible resolutions. Now we want to hear from the membership. What ideas do you have for resolutions? What direction do you as a member want the organization to take? Are there issues you want us to take an active role in? Let anyone of the committee members know your ideas! We all have a voice and we encourage all to voice his or her opinions.

Submitting a resolution idea can be accomplished by contacting a committee member or by emailing me. Make sure if writing a resolution idea that you are clear about the issue and what course of action you wish MCBVI to take. The committee will make sure each (whereas and there for be it resolved) are in their proper format.

The deadline for resolution suggestions whether by phone to one of the committee members or by email will be August 25th, 2014 at 11:59 Pm. This will give us the time necessary to polish any resolution still requiring work.

Here is how to reach the committee by phone along with my email address.


Blue Water League of the Blind – Port Huron Area

By Gerald Clay

Where is the summer going? The bwl has just finished a low vision demonstration show in partnership with enhanced vision a low vision technology distributor at the north grotto hall in Port Huron. With July rapidly approaching our ice cream social will be here before your ice cream can melt. Come and enjoy the Port Huron community this summer. There are a boat load of activities all around the blue water area to enjoy with the Blue Water League this summer. Keep a close eye on our upcoming events link off our web page ( for all current activities these next few months. Come and enjoy!

Kalamazoo Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired

By Marla Neubaum

KCBVI joined other businesses and vendors for the June 2014 Art Hop in downtown Kalamazoo. This is the 2nd Art Hop we have participated in.  We passed out brochures, sold popcorn and 50/50 raffle tickets.  The winner of the 50/50 won $40 and the popcorn popper could barely keep up with so many people attending the Art Hop.  KCBVI will be purchasing an industrial popcorn popper for future fundraisers.  These are great opportunities to get out in the community. Have a wonderful Day!

Capital Area Council of the Blind

By Donna Rose

Our chapter now has 32 members. In May we held a small technology fair at Royal Scott Bowling in Lansing. Our presenter was Enhanced Vision which is a company operated by Jerry McCormick out of Livonia. He brought several low vision and talking devices for people to see and touch.

At our June meeting member Pat Cannon gave a talk about his experiences on the Federal Access Board to which he was recently appointed by the President. He described tours he had attended. Did you know, for example, there is a scale model of the Empire State Building that you can touch? His wife gave out information on a new local organic grocery delivery service which delivers to many places in Michigan. There is an article about it earlier in this issue.

We are not holding a meeting in July, but in August Joe Sibley is hoping to come and visit us.

There are lots of plans for the future of our chapter. We have more speaker ideas and are talking about having a social get together at our meeting in October, Either a day or evening event at a local camp ground where several members have RVs.

We usually meet at the Delhi Café in Holt on the first Tuesday of the month from 11:30 AM until about 1 PM. If you would like to attend a meeting please join us, or for more info contact Donna Rose 517-489-2233. We will see you all at convention. Enjoy a great summer!

The Northerners – Cadillac Area

By Cathy Daily

We had a bake sale in the last few months to raise money for a banner for our chapter and raised 142.17. We also donated various items for something called a Baby Drive in the area. Various clothes items such as onesies, hats, blankets and other baby clothes were donated. Also activity and coloring books were donated for the children to use when their parents were having a baby. The nurses were very appreciative of the activities since they do not have much for the children to do. These activity books give the kids something to do while they wait and that can sometimes be a long time!

Our group is thriving and doing well. We have a new member Raelyn VanderCook and we are happy to have her in our chapter.

The chapter has picnics planned throughout the summer and there is something for all the members. Who does not enjoy a good picnic? We hope you all enjoy the great summer weather from all of the Northerners!

VIPP – Grand Rapids Area

By Tressa Conrad

On May 28th we had a Culver’s Fundraiser from 5:00-9pm. Thanks to all the members and volunteers who helped make it a success. On June 19th members of VIPP and their friends attended a Whitecaps game. It’s something the group enjoys and the weather was perfect. In July many of our members will be attending the 4th of July parade beginning at 11:00 am. On August 9th we will have our VIPP picnic at Wedgewood Park from 12:00-3:30 pm.

Offices for election in November will be president and secretary. We held a special election at our May meeting in order to elect a new Treasurer to complete the rest of Casey Dutmer’s term. Congratulations to Kyle Austin our new treasurer. Thanks to Casey for all the years of service to VIPP!

This fall our good friends and members Casey and Sharon Dutmer will be leaving our group to head for the great state of Washington. Casey and Sharon have done just about everything for  our group, from President to Convention chair to fundraising chair, treasurer, secretary and much, much more.  They were always there and always willing to help out. Casey and Sharon, you may be moving but you leave behind so many awesome memories and a Legacy of what a true MCBVI member really is. We wish you a smooth transition and all our best, along with heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all you have done!

Summary of the MCBVI Spring Board Meeting

Submitted by Secretary Debbie Robinson

The MCBVI spring board meeting, conducted by teleconference, was held on 04/26/14 due to Easter. It began at 10:05 a.m. and ended at 1:12 p.m. We had 22 participants. The meeting agenda and the minutes from the winter board meeting were approved as submitted.

Joe reported in his president’s update that Ann Bratsberg will work with us for another year at no additional cost. Short presentations and video PSAs will be created from the videos we already have and put on our web site. This is Joe’s last term. He hopes to do several chapter visits. He discussed the Fundraiser “Out of Sight Night” on the Thursday night of convention in Kalamazoo. Sponsors are needed. After Dinner we will be entertained by the band Beyond Sight. His goals are to have a major fundraiser; to get at least one new chapter started; to complete the new brochure. He discussed the Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons board. A lot of research is being done, and reports will soon be submitted to the governor. There are three subcommittees: One regarding the Training Center in Kalamazoo, one regarding consumer services and one regarding the Business Enterprise Program (BEP). The meetings are open to the public and audio streamed. Casey and Sharon are moving to Seattle, WA after our convention to be closer to grandchildren. The VisionAware web site was discussed, offering many resources.

Charis reviewed the financial report prepared by Matt Livingston.

As of April 18, 2014, our reconciled checking account balance was $3,875.10.

Total investment portfolio balance as of March 31, 2014 was $40,398.60.

Total Income from January 1-April 18, 2014 was $2,175.74.

Total Expenses for the same period was $3,444.89.

Resulting Net Loss was -$1,269.15.

The main toll-free number is the only Sprint number we have left which should result in savings. We discovered we were paying for toll-free numbers even though we were not using them.

Casey reported the MCBVI convention theme is Living Without Limits. The dates are 09/25-09/28/14. ACB president Kim Charlson will be our banquet speaker. Many details were discussed, including Friday seminars and a possible tour of the Training Center for the Blind. Some resolutions may be read and voted on Friday night. He discussed the Saturday morning sessions with several speakers. There will be three afternoon break-out sessions. The hospitality room will be different this year in that we can only bring in limited items. Preregistration is $20.00 and $30.00 after the deadline.

We still have no grants chair. There was no grants or scholarships activity.

Regarding legislation, Casey reported on the State level there are proposals on how to pay for road repair, but nothing has been agreed on. The issue of retired state employee pensions may be determined by our next governor. On the federal level, there is HB3749 regarding inclusion of devices for the blind and visually impaired like CCTVs under Medicare. He also discussed the Accessible Prescription Drug Act. We are in the midst of an 18-month best practices process. Call or Walmart or Envision America. It is necessary to determine what the barriers are. So far few blind and visually impaired members are participating in the mail order prescription process. The only way to know what these barriers are is if people participate and share their experiences with Envision America. There may be new legislation by 2016 for proposing new voting machines. We need to make sure we have accessibility to independently vote.

Charis reported we now have 175 members and our first junior member under age 18. If you want to use this phone conference call number for a committee meeting, check with Charis first, for another meeting may have been previously scheduled.

Donna reported for public relations and publications. The brochure needs to be finished. Malaina did an excellent job with the last newsletter. The deadline for the next newsletter is 06/15/14. Donna and Malaina Will now be coeditors. We discussed whether or not the MCBVI board meeting minutes should be in the newsletter. Several years ago during a Sunday morning business meeting, the membership voted to include a summary of each board meeting in the newsletter rather than the minutes. We decided to keep things as they are for now. This may be further discussed. Use of Fillmore was discussed for reading publications over the phone. This is only $5 a month. This will be explored. Greater use of the internet and our web site was mentioned.

Regarding constitution and bylaws, Wayne is working on changes for allowing the assistant secretary and the assistant treasurer to vote at all meetings. The proposed amendment will be in June’s newsletter and will be read at July’s board meeting.

The resolutions committee has not met yet. Contact Malaina with your ideas for resolutions. A resolution regarding Bureau of Blind Persons was discussed concerning consumers. Follow-through on resolutions that have been passed was discussed.

Casey reported for Karla regarding nominations. John Jarzyna is running for president. Debbie Robinson is running for Secretary. Wayne Lepiors is running for assistant treasurer. If John becomes president, he can appoint someone to finish his term as first vice president, but the board must approve the appointment.

Jackie reported for technology that they purchased Station Playlist software which helps with internet broadcasting for streaming. They may stream interviews with exhibitors and people with Small businesses. The Sunday morning business meeting will be broadcast on the MCBVI web site. The ACB radio events channel will be used for the rest of the convention.

Regarding fund development, the MMS program was mentioned. There will be a sponsorship flier for Thursday night’s Out of Sight event at our convention.

There is interest in forming a chapter in Macomb County.

Casey updated us on Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind (OUB) and Indian Trails. There was a bowling blast for the blind fundraiser last winter. There is a gardening weekend coming up. There will be an adult technology camp, a blindness immersion camp and an adventure trip up to Charlevoix. They have received grants for transportation and a couple scholarships. It costs $1,200 to sponsor a week of camp, including food and staff. It was decided that MCBVI will donate $600.00 to OUB and not worry about giving them any information about MCBVI till we get the brochure done. This includes a $100.00 donation from Mr. and Mrs. Pat Cannon. $500.00 was budgeted for this.

The mission statement committee has not yet met. We are working on the logo for the brochures. It was decided that the executive committee approve the brochure logo and the mission statement with input from the board. We had a moment of silence to remember Jim Moore. We were updated on Michael Geno. The ACB convention in Los Vegas was mentioned as was Visions 2014 in Ann Arbor in May. The summer board meeting will be later than usual, held on Saturday 7-26-14.

You’re Invited: NEXT MCBVI Board Meeting by Phone

We encourage members to join us for our summer board meeting phone conference.

Saturday July 26, 2014, 10 AM

Phone Number: (605)475-4700 (not toll-free)

Passcode: 1026267#

Next MCBVI News Deadline

October 15, 2014

Submissions received after this date will be saved for the next newsletter.

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Donna Rose (note there is a dash between wild and rose)


Malaina VanderWal


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