MCBVI April Tip: Changing the keyboard manager in Jaws 2018

Michigan Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired (MCBVI)

Changing the keystroke to access a link list from insert and f7 to control and shift and y.

Steps by Step

  1. First you go to insert f 2 which opens the Run Jaws Manager.
  2. Then hit the letter k which moves focus to the Keyboard Manager.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Press the letter I until it says Internet Explorer .
  5. Tab once and arrow down to the SelectALink item.
  6. Press the alt key and A to move to the Actions menu.
  7. Arrow down to Add a Key stroke.
  8. Press control and shift and y to add the key combination. Be careful whatever keys are pressed in this edit area will be added.
  9. Make sure the desk top is check
  10. Press ok and it will change from insert f7 to control plus shift and y for the link list. You may receive a Dialog Box warning that you are making a modification to the key combination this can be ignored.

The advantage of this modification is the fact that you will speed up your access to a common keystroke and on a laptop the user will not have to use the FN key to the Insert + F7 to perform the key combination for the list of Links.

Followup: How do I change the command for lists in Outlook?

The procedure to change the key combination is basically the same except for one item. In the step where you press I to move to the Internet Explorer you substitute O to move to the Outlook option. The script Name is ReadMistakesandSuggestions. There you will notice the keystroke is Jaws Key + F7. The mame for the script (i.e. the coding instructions).title is different from Internet Explorer because each script name must be different. Try using CTRL + Shift + U for Outlook instead of CTRL + Shift + Y. I worked through this with Tom and we had no problem with this. If you go back to the Keyboard Manager you will notice that there are two ReadMistakesAnd Suggestions and the keystrokes are different. Thus you have not removed the original keystroke but have just added another for the same script. This was a very good question because it shows that Jaws can be configured to meet many needs.